7Q Writing framework: Make your writing sell

Kjell Vandevyvere
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Seven Questions to Make Your Online Writing Worthwhile

You need this framework if you've ever felt like this:

  • It looks like people don't understand my message.
  • I keep posting content but it doesn't turn into any leads.
  • No one shares what I write.

In this guide, you don't only get the questions, but I'll also explain how to use them and how to improve your online writing;

Why me?

In one year, I went from:

  • 55 Twitter followers to over 2,000
  • 25 newsletter subscribers to over 160
  • 10 Medium followers to over 150

My newsletter subscribers got it for free. This is what they said: 

  • "I'm loving the 7 questions emails you're sending" — Lydia Scratch
  • "As I watched the series develop, it struck me it would be perfect for a short eBook." — Greg S.
  • "Where can I get the framework? ... I was trying to buy it, yo." — Jess Rohloff
  • "Kjell did a great job in breaking down the art of writing simple" — Jessie van Breugel

30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn't meet your expectations.

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7Q Writing framework: Make your writing sell

2 ratings