Step-by-Step Editing

Kjell Vandevyvere
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How do you edit to make your blogs flawless?

Whether you're trying to build an audience on Medium, writing blogs for your business or drafting newsletters, quality is key.

And you just can't get quality without several rounds of editing.

In this short checklist, I'll guide you through the five steps you should follow to write blog posts that

  • are well-structured
  • are error-free
  • flow

Who is this for?

This checklist is mainly for freelance writers who want to improve their editing process. But anyone who likes to write and has time for a thorough editing process should get this.

How does it work?

When you try to edit everything at once, your blog will remain chaotic. You can't focus on flow, grammar, spelling, and structure all at once.

So you take it step by step:

  1. Structure (and SEO)
  2. Line review
  3. Intro, conclusion and title review
  4. Flow
  5. Proofread

This is the ideal order to make sure you don't forget anything but you don't do any extra work either.

Give it a try. You'll save yourself lots of trouble and time.

The checklist has further information to help you with each step. In the future, I'll expand each section and raise the price for this product. but if you get it now, you'll have lifetime access.

If you're not happy with it, though, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

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  • Printable editing checklist

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  • Printable editing checklist
  • Free updates


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Step-by-Step Editing

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